Hodgdon Longshot Powder


Hodgdon Longshot Powder


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Hodgdon Longshot shotgun powder in stock 

Hodgdon LONGSHOT powder for shotguns is a roundabout shotshell power that is versatile that can be used to stack mind boggling troubles on 28-20 16 and 12-check shotguns. This charge is ideal to shoot in challenge, for instance, games, for instance, Annie Oakley or Buddy. Long is extraordinary for field significant loads and passes on certified magnum speeds and striking designs. You can in like manner use Longshot as a fast explosive.

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Hodgdon Longshot Powder

About Hodgdon Longshot shotgun Powder

Round powder is a convincing shotshell fuel that can manage colossal field loads, passing on the certifiable magnum speed with amazing plans.

Astounding weights in the 28-, 20-16-and 12-measure are available on Hodgdon’s Reloading Data Center. Additionally, Longshot is the best decision for competitors playing like “Buddy,” “Annie Oakley,” and some more.

Longshot is the most extreme speed firearm of choice for 38 Super 40 S&W and 357 SIG with lower than common working strains.

Available in a 1 2 lb. container.

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