Hornady Die Bullet Seating .264 6.5 Grainendel Series I


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Hornady Seating dies are the easiest to use in the industry. Precision seating is achieved by combining an in-line bullet seating sleeve that properly aligns bullets in the cartridge before any pressure is applied, with a simple seating adjustment screw for the seating stem that is as reliable as it is simple. Easy maintenance is achieved with a simple retaining ring that is easy to remove for thorough cleaning with no special tools required. A built in, optional use roll or taper crimp feature allows you to crimp at the same time that you seat the bullet, or apply no crimp at all with a simple adjustment.

For consistent, hassle-free seating and crimping, Hornady seating dies are impossible to beat. A floating alignment insert aligns the bullet and case neck before any pressure is applied, below the die body for high concentricity and ease of use. The cartridge then pushes the floating crimp and seat insert into the die body, firmly and concentrically seating the bullet in the case. The die also quickly and easily disassembles for cleaning, simply by removing the retainer ring.

Hornady is one of the most respected names in ammunition, and continues to innovate and improve their products. Improvements are made to Hornady’s dies every year, and are included in all newly manufactured dies. Feature highlights include the all-new Zip-Spindle design, Sure-Loc rings, an elliptical expander, and highly polished interiors. +W5W51:W52

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1.25 × 1.25 × 6.875 in


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Dies, Dies: Standard Seating Die


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